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[GET] KindleSpy – The Ultimate Amazon Spy Tool A successful Kindle business relies on your ability to select profitable keywords for your books. In my case, I often spend a week or 2 searching for a good selection of keywords.

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Actually, do not publish any book until you check out Self-Publishing Revolution video course. This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to run a successful Kindle business. Especially when you consider that you need to repeat this analysis for hundreds of keywords. Just with a click of a button you can get all these details in a single window in a few seconds.


No more scrolling down, opening multiple pages or whatever to see all this details. As you may see in the image, I can quickly analyze:. For instance, if the top five books for a keyword have a sales rank above then they are not selling well. Use Kindle Spy kdspy to perform Amazon keyword analysis when selecting titles, subtitles, series names and keywords Properly specify a book title, subtitle, series name, description and keywords Make sure that your book can be found on Amazon Use Kindle Spy to evaluate the competition for Amazon product keywords Would you like to sell more books on Amazon?

Well, to sell books on Amazon, you first must be found on Amazon. This is a course about how to insure your book can be found on amazon. This course first explains how to select Amazon search keywords, then the rest is up to Kindle Spy… Kindle Spy kdspy is a product that greatly simplifies the process of evaluating keywords for competition on Amazon. After all, a pretty package is useless if it fails to deliver core functionality. KD Spy comes in last place due to its extensive limitations as an idea research tool.

Kindle Samurai offers a good basic level of functionality, while KDP Rocket is the clear winner due to several unique features not found elsewhere.

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This is fine if you have the right keyword already, but as stated, finding it through KD Spy alone is less than ideal. On the results page, you can see the basic data needed to analyze the competition, such as the price of each competing book, the number of reviews, the average review score, the estimated sales etc. No complaints about the data here.

However, the presentation is a little hard on the eyes, albeit not as much as Kindle Samurai. One downside to KD Spy is it does not allow you to see the book cover in the browser extension, only on the Amazon page itself.

Overall, this is not good enough. Kindle Samurai is not a good choice here.

However, can it go 2 for 2 and clean up in the competitor research showdown? You can research a competitor in one of two ways on Rocket. KDP Rocket offers all of the standard data, such as the price of the book, the number of reviews, the average review score etc. However, it also offers aspects not found in either competing software. This is awesome.

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Overall, this is a fantastic function of KDP Rocket. KDP Rocket, once again, is a clear winner here. It offers better data presented in a nicer way. KD Spy is good, but the lack of a good idea search capability makes its competitor research a lot less useful than it could be.

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  3. Free Amazon Keyword Analysis with Kindle Spy.

Good for tracking a particular book Decent competitor research functionality Good for exploring categories. Only available as a browser extension Subpar as an idea research tool Averagely attractive layout.

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If your main focus is on Kindle categories , KD Spy could be worth checking out as a budget option. If you want to research your book idea, or analyze the competition, there are better options. No money back guarantee only a conditional, obtuse promise to fix issues Spammy sales tactics a fake discount countdown timer on the sales page Horrible presentation Very lacking competition research capabilities. So why not cut the wait time and buy something better right away?

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Kindle Spy is the only software to help find profitable niches is on the Amazon There is currently no coupon code that works in because Kindle Spy has. Use Kindle Spy (kdspy) to perform Amazon keyword analysis when selecting titles, subtitles, series Author/Publisher Brian Jackson coupons.