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Bottles and Bottles? How You Really Win Clients and Land Mega-Deals as an Investment Banker Yes you need the skills to win deals. They also apply to PE employees, especially if you need to source deals at your firm. I just devour hours of reading on this website, it is amazing. The prospect of working at a BB firm is exciting and I have pondered for long on what exactly I would want to do. I guess its really cool that you have said, do you want to deal with numbers or people? Makes it much easier for me to make a decision and its a way of thinking about an IB career or any career in general in a totally different way.

What is pretty amazing about the biz dev and deal sourcing process in IB is that it has been the same pretty much since the 70s. It would seem like we are ripe for some type of disruptive change in our business model, yet it is hard to see how technology can really uproot the deal sourcing process described in this article. I have not received even 1 account. The pressure is mounting on me, and of course i feel frustrated.

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What should I do? Hard for me to teach you on this forum. What is a Deal Desk? Not sure of that particular role you were referring to. There should be a job spec below the job title right? What if a client wants to work for the Investment Bank that structured their deal? Is this possible or a conflict of interest? If there is, approach them discretely.

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I have a general question to ask which I believe is most appropriate to be asked here. One advantage that just came on top off my head could be due-diligence.

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Investment Banking Interviews Deal Discussions: How to Talk About M&A, IPO, and Debt Deals in Interviews, Impress, and Win $K+ Job Offers. How You Win Clients and Land Deals as an Investment Banker: How Managing Directors Meet CEOs, Develop Relationships, and Pitch for Deals.

Perhaps though I believe people in IBs I may be wrong may have more experience that is useful to clients. Thank you for a very informative article. What do you think about it? I was really really disturbed. If a person has been working in a back office function for years since undergrad and gets the opportunity to get into a BB ib analyst program, how valuable do you think that is? After the 2 years of ib, they would have had like 6 years of experience in which only 2 of those years was doing IB.

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You could still move into PE etc. Work on more sophisticated deals, more of a structured learning environment….

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I met this one person who got his jd and went to work at a law firm before moving into compliance at a bb. She worked in legal for 5 years, has no mba, but his bb let her get into the firms ibd associate program. How is that?

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Stranger things have happened? Read up some of the other articles on this site and then you will get a clearer idea.

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From my observations, most people do banking as an analyst for years then move to the buy side or corporate development and do that for years and then go to business school to do something totally different like marketing. Is it just me or have you observed that too? If this is the case, what is the draw to banking and the difficult life when most people never even stay nor return to the field in the long term?

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I feel like I skipped over the first few stages of investment banking careers. VVS February 8, Revoke Cookies. Thank you so much. Thanks Disco, this clears a few things up. Pretty much, up or out.

I feel like I skipped over the first few stages of investment banking careers. I know a lot about the big companies and their industry but usually never get a chance to work on their major deals. Amazing article! I learn something new from here everyday I also agree with the sentiment brought up earlier, investment bankers unfairly get hated on along with traders. You mentioned in one of your comments that MDs have an up or out structure. What do MDs do after they leave or are kicked out? Join a regular company in a senior management role? It is a bit of both… MDs are sort of like free agents in sports, they can take their Rolodexes with them elsewhere and maintain their own client relationships as they go.

It varies by the bank and group — sometimes VPs and Directors are more like Associates, other times they are closer to MDs. It changes as you move up within the role as well. The structure of the site is going to change again??? How so? I hope none of these articles or the BIWS stuff would be removed or taken down, right?

Great article once again! Greatly enjoyed reading it. This is really great article Brian! I received alert on this one on my phone the other day and I finished the whole thing on my way to work. I think there is a limit to how much you can write about certain topics, so the structure of the site may change in the future. Truly the best article about this topic I have read so far! Still go for bank in your opinion? Honestly not sure about that one.

I think you also play a huge role in making the industry more transparent and accessible I read accounts of kids getting in based on your insights , and this fact will eventually have wider economic consequences. Another great article, perhaps one of your best. Can you elaborate on your point that a lousy analyst could make a great MD?

How do you go from being a lousy analyst to rain making MD? And then you would just move up the ladder within IB. Just cash?

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Like, a company can only sell itself once. Minimize Business Disruption.

Due Diligence and Bid Evaluation — a. Due Diligence by Buyers d. Negotiation- Negotiate pricing through auction rounds. There are different ways in which you sell or buy a company See box below but all of it involves a fair amount of negotiation and many rounds of it.

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A couple before the due diligence and a few after. Negotiate Price b. Documentation and closure- A primary legal process but also important for bankers as they coordinate everything. This is one of the reasons why bankers wear many hats. A salesperson, a lawyer, an accountant and sometimes even the local errand boy. Poison Pill What is a poison pill? The poison pill technique, sometimes also known as a shareholder rights plan, is a form of defense against a potential takeover.

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The Poison Pill is a structural maneuver designed to thwart attempted takeovers, where the target company seeks to make itself less desirable to potential acquirers. Poison pill tactics may Contact Us. Got a question? We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email and we'll respond as soon as possible.